Nigeria – Arabian Gulf Young Professionals

In accordance with the mission of the Nigerian – Arabian Gulf Chamber of Commerce (NAGCC), the NAG Young Professionals are aiming at being the forum for all Young Professionals, Young Entrepreneurs and Start-ups interested in the economic and business relations between Nigeria and Arabian Gulf countries. The NAG Young Professionals’ activities shall facilitate the exchange of experiences, knowhow, knowledge sharing and business contacts between Young Professionals from Nigeria and the Arabian Gulf countries.

• We organize, participate, and contribute to events about the challenges and opportunities for Young Professionals in Nigeria and Arabian Gulf countries. • We contribute to the publications of the NAGCC and publications with a focus on matters relating to NAG Young Professionals.

• We establish business contacts and an exchange of ideas between the NAG Young Professionals and organizations for Young Professionals in the NAGCC countries. • We cooperate with organizations, companies and entrepreneurs from Nigeria and the Arab Gulf countries. • Further, NAG Young Professionals can participate in all the other activities of the NAGCC.